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Trenchless Innovations has over 30 years of experience in the sewer industry. Using innovative technology, we can repair or replace sewer pipes faster - without serious damage to property and landscaping! In 2009, we expanded our services to include underground air duct lining. This innovative technology offers a viable alternative to converting HVAC systems overhead. Call today for your Chicago sewer and underground air duct repair specialists. Don't forget to ask about installations of sewer outside cleanouts!

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$195.00 Video Inspections of Sewers or Air Ducts
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Pipe Lining

Cracked and leaking Chicago sewer pipe repairs are done by installing a one piece seamless liner through an existing access point. The liner is hardened into place and your sewer flows smoothly. Once hardened, the liner restores the structural integrity of the original pipe and does not allow tree roots to grow back. Periodic power rodding will no longer be necessary.

Duct Lining

When underground air ducts have filled with water, deteriorated, or rusted out allowing dirt and other debris into the system, we can line the existing Chicago air ducts and improve the air quality in your home. This innovative process applies a liquid liner inside deteriorated ducts that hardens into a self-supportive rubberized duct. Air duct lining is the ideal long-term solution for restoring metal, concrete, transite and PVC duct work.

Air Duct Coating Protects Your Home

Chicago air duct repairsA major source of unseen mold, rust and other contaminants is often your air ducts. Correcting the problem is nearly impossible without tearing up your home and replacing the air duct system.
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Sewer Repairs The Fast & Preferred Way

Chicago sewer repairsRepairing Chicago sewer lines is time consuming, expensive and usually tears up your property and your landscaping. But now Trenchless Innovations can repair and replace sewer pipes faster with minimal damage.
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